“A journalist once wrote a piece about me in which she said that ‘Faizel has ink in his blood’. I think that is true. But at the end of the day this business isn’t about me. We work together as a team to come up with the best possible printing solution for our customers. It’s not a case of ‘I’, it’s a case of ‘we’, and by working together we make amazing things happen”. By combining our extensive expertise, we are able to look at each new job from multiple angles in order to come up with the right way forward”.

A true Innovation Powerhouse

Trained by Swiss German printing masters at the beginning of his career, XXL’s Founder Faizel Van Oudsthoorn, is passionate about precision and extreme attention to detail. To keep delivering according to the highest possible standards innovation is key. XXL is not the new kid on the block anymore but we remain agile by investing in the youth and in the very best equipment money can buy. We are constantly upgrading our hardware, software and training protocols to ensure that we are able to stay ahead of the curve. We never rest on our established credibility. Instead we work hard to deserve and preserve it.

What sets us apart


XXL is your one-stop branding business. We take care of everything in one simple and seamless process. This includes print, finishing, installation, dispatch and logistics. We have highly skilled teams of installation experts who make sure that all completed printed materials, no matter how large, are properly erected in-situ.


XXL meets all of the required BBBEE affirmative procurement criteria and the fact that we have been selected as an accredited supplier for Robben Island Museum and the City of Cape Town bears this out. From company ownership through to the management of our workforce, we operate ethically and transparently at every level. Every member of our staff has a valuable contribution to make and we treat each other like family. Mutual respect is fundamental to our collective success. This includes providing employees with the opportunity to advance their careers through ongoing training.


We pride ourselves on offering superior quality printing and branding solutions at a competitive price. Providing value to our clients is of value to us because it helps us build long-term relationships rooted in trust.


People don’t always think of great service when they think of a large scale printing house but we do. We think of our customers as friends and we’ve built this business on relationships.  In our new facility we see huge opportunities for growth. We want to be the first large-scale printer to offer you a coffee while you wait for your banner to be printed. We have the capacity to do that now. That’s exciting.


We are able to deliver both nationally and internationally.

XXL is based in the Palm Centre Woodstock, Cape Town. Many of our top customers have head offices in Johannesburg along with a strong pan African presence. We thrive on massive, deadline driven contracts and we work around the clock to ensure that we supply all materials exactly as ordered.


No job is ever too big or too small. Whatever you need XXL does it all. On time and on budget. We have been the industry leaders in outdoor and indoor printing for over 30 years.